ste-veeSteve and Vee here (Ste-Vee)! A couple years ago, we got married and really loved the experience. We’ve always been the business type with Vee singing and doing hair while Steve enjoying marketing and creating lists.

That’s why we turned our passion towards the wedding industry and dedicated hours to learn about chair covers, sashes, backdrops, centerpieces, swags, lights and décors in general. We first started by helping friends and family and went from there.

A couple years later, here we are in business!  Our main focus is helping people who are in love create beautiful and memorable weddings to celebrate with their friends and family. That’s what we’re good at and what’s what we love to do.

We personally take on about 25 weddings a year and we rent an average of 10 000 chair covers per year to couples, hotels and banquet halls. We spend the rest of our time going to events, networking, learning and enjoying our family life.

We run our business from home which helps us keep our prices and expenses lower than the so called big businesses. We’re not in this to strike it rich so all the value and savings goes back to you.

If your dream is to have a beautiful wedding in Ottawa or Gatineau at an affordable price without having to deal with any headaches, contact us today to discuss options. We’re looking forward to putting a smile on your face.